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The Otono Collection

Oh how I love fall and everything that it brings! From the crisp air, cooler weather and all of the amazing fruits to the shorter days, fall bird migration and a sense of renewal.

I personally feel like fall is another chance for a renewal, with the changing of the weather and the foliage, how can one not feel it. I love all of the fall colors and thoroughly enjoy the fresher weather, you know considering I live in the very tip of Texas, and it is well into the 90’s for the majority of the year with high humidity.

As this season is fast approaching us, I would like to take the opportunity to implement some changes and bring new things to you. 

You may have or may have not noticed my absence this last month and it was in large part due to some life changes that happened. My kids started school, all of them, so now I am home alone for the majority of the day. To say that it has been and easy transition would be a lie. I have had to learn to be by myself for most of the day and motivate myself to get moving. I will find my balance pretty quick and things will get into a rhythm soon. 

As far as the changes to the business goes, those will start to fall into place rather quickly. 

  • For every new collection, there will be a partner blog post about it. I will also be sending out an email about a week prior to announcing the launch on social media. 
  • There will also be blogs about things as they come up. Like product blogs, ingredients we use, etc. Emails will go out with each one.
  • We will now start to offer preorders on upcoming new releases!! I'm super excited for this new feature because it will allow me to see what products will be popular and which ones won't. An email will go out to announce the date of preorders.
  • I will be reducing the number of products I currently offer. I have offered quite a bit of products, and some do better than others which is ok, but in order to streamline and reduce wasted products, some will have to go.
  • In regard to the emails, I try to limit how many I send out as to not spam you with emails. I am going to try and be more consistent with them seeing as I have been quite the opposite lately. 
  • I will now be offering merchandise!! This is a new product line that I have been working for a little while now and am excited to launch it! I am launching the new line with this collection because it is just in time for the holidays! I am going to be offering sublimated items such as tumblers, coffee mugs, tote bags, earrings & pin buttons! The designs will of course include my logo but there will also be some to correspond with the current season/holiday. I am excited for this!
  • I will also be adding bath accessories such as mask applicators, loofahs & more! 
  • YouTube videos will be more consistent and a lot more personal. Meaning you will actually get to see my face! I haven't figured out a schedule just yet, but when I do y'all will be the first to know about it!

As I bring this blog to a close, I feel like I am finally ready to get in the saddle and ride ahead at full speed. I have lots of things planned and cannot wait to share them with you! If you don't already, you can follow along on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!

Before I forget, this collection is dropping on September 22nd! The first day of Autumn! I feel it fitting and cannot wait!

Until next time!



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