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Star Ingredients: Aloe Vera & Hibiscus

When it comes to the star ingredients in our bath and body products, I wanted to use something that was close to home.

Growing up in a Mexican household, there are many remedies that have been passed down for generations. Upon further research into them, I have found that those same things used are actually great for hair and skin care.

Aloe Vera has long been used, primarily, as a burn remedy. I remember burning myself as a child and running outside to the aloe vera plant and ripping off a leaf to soothe the burn. It has great not only on burns but also on cuts, dry skin, and hydrates hair. It can be used to make drinks and some people even eat it.

It boasts/helps to

soothe burns
antioxidant properties
hydrates skin
anti-aging properties
helps with acne
helps to treat skin 
antibacterial properties
accelerates wound healing
conditions such as psoriasis & dandruff

When thinking of ingredients for my beauty line, I just knew that aloe vera had to be one of them. 

Hibiscus is another plant that has long been used in Mexican households but not like aloe vera. This has been primarily used to make a drink out of the dried petals when boiled in water. We call it Agua de Jamaica. It is said that it helps to clean the kidneys and liver of toxins and helps to remove fats. My mother-in-law and husband drink it to help lower their blood pressure and it is said to also help in controlling diabetes. Internally, this is an amazing plant to drink, but I was curious as to its external benefits.

Upon further research, I have found that hibiscus offers a wide range of benefits not only to skin care but in hair care as well. 

It boasts/helps to
anti-inflammatory properties
anti-aging properties
rich in antioxidants
increases skin elasticity
evens skin tone
boosts moisture in the skin
purifies the skin
can stimulate hair growth
conditions against frizz, dryness & breakage
With all of these amazing properties, I just couldn't pass up adding it into my line of products. In combination with aloe vera, my products have amazing skin and hair benefits!
*Please do note that the statements made in this post are not FDA certified*
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