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Fall Launch!!

I am extremely excited for the fall season! After a long, hot summer I am ready for some cooler weather. Living at the very tip of Texas, most days are hot and we don't really cool down much but none the less anything is better than temperatures that feel like 120 degrees.

With this fall season I am launching quite a bit of new products that I am excited to finally share with you! I have been hard at work behind the scenes testing and making to make sure that everything would be ready for this launch.

Here are the new items coming to the website:

  • body lotion & cream
  • artisan bar soap
  • aromatherapy room sprays
  • aromatherapy shower steamers
  • body wash
  • face wash & scrub
  • coffee scrub
  • shampoo & conditioner bars
  • bite balm
  • muscle balm
  • whipped soap
  • baby bath bombs

Lots of new scents and essential oil blends will be used in all of these products. I try to use only the best quality and really take my time in making all products. I only make them in small batches to help with quality control.

Excited beyond words for all that is to come and cannot wait for my fall launch that will happen on September 22nd!! So mark your calendars!

Stay tuned for more information as the time approaches!



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