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Walk in the Woods Wax Melts

Walk in the Woods Wax Melts

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Our soy wax melts are made with 100% soy wax and are scented with high quality fragrance oils. 

I don't live where it snows, actually it is usually hot during the "winter", but it has snowed twice here where I live and it was amazing! The scent is what I would imagine the woods would smell like while walking through them after it has snowed. It is a pine aroma with a mixture of floral bouquets and natural spices.

Note Profile

  • Top notes: fresh air, red berries
  • Middle notes: cinnamon sticks, clove, forest fern
  • Bottom notes: fir needle, pine, cedarwood

Place one or two in your wax warmer and fill a room with an enticing scent. The scent can last for hours! 

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