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Lavender Vanilla Wax Melts

Lavender Vanilla Wax Melts

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Lavender Vanilla is a relaxing candle that is filled with a soothing blend that calms the senses with a rich, spiced floral accord. This is a great candle to enjoy when relaxing or after a stressful day. 

These wax melts are sure to please all. A great scent for the spring and summer seasons, but can be used all year round. Pair with our Lavender Vanilla room/linen spray & soy candle to complete your home fragrance collection.

Note Profile

  • Top notes: lavender
  • Middles notes: nutmeg, ginger, green
  • Bottom: vanilla

Place one or two in your wax warmer and fill a room with an enticing scent. The scent can last for hours! 

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