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Country Clothesline Room/Linen Spray

Country Clothesline Room/Linen Spray

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Our room & linen sprays are completely water based and are made with only a few ingredients to give you a great home product. Healthy for you and your family since they are non-aerosol and contain no harsh chemicals, this room spray could be just the alternative you are looking for.

Country Clothesline smells exactly the way it sounds. As a child, and now as an adult, I remember the distinct smell that clothes would have when taken down off of the line and this scent is the perfect match to that! It has a fresh, clean scent with a musky cotton scent that makes it perfect for any southern gal or cowgirl's living room, bedroom or bathroom!

Top notes: citrus, tea leaves, bergamot

Middles notes: linden flower, cotton blossom, muguet

Bottom: cedarwood, vanilla, fresh linen accord

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